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Exporting and Importing has always been the foundation of Goods Distribution as long as Time!

Welcome to the New Era in Goods Distribution!

Welcome to Globalize Business Development Co.

Nice to meet you here! We are Globalize Business Development Company.

Our business goals are to assist small, medium and large companies with their import and export challenges. Many businesses today that rely on import and export are faced with many challenges such as:

  • International Trade Payment / Payment Terms
  • Import and Export Compliance
  • Product Quality Issues
  • Coordination of Transportation Logistics
  • International Trade Documentation
  • Running Background Check on Foreign Buyers and Suppliers
  • and many others
  • Moreover, your business’ daily day-to-day operations are already consuming all your time and energy so we want you to have the peace of mind that your products are ordered, shipped, and delivered to you on-time for your business to run efficiently and effectively. We can help minimize your business risk and maximize your opportunities.

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    Examples of Challenges

    - International Trade Payment -

    - Import / Export Compliance -

    - Coordination of Logistics -